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How To Connect On LinkedIn Mobile

How To Connect On LinkedIn Mobile

Being the rockstar #eventprofs we are (in both planning our events and attending conferences), we are all in the best position to help our delegates connect with one another!  With LinkedIn becoming the fastest growing B2B social media network (at 575 million users), connecting our delegates with one another via this tool could lead to conversations and ROI that extend well beyond the conference.  These tips on how to connect on LinkedIn mobile can be uses by yourself when attending our industry events, or passed along to your delegations!

Here is How to Connect on LinkedIn Mobile When Attending a Meeting or Conference:

  1. Scan your connection’s unique QR Code – yes, we all have a unique QR Code that can be scanned using LinkedIn’s mobile app.  Follow these steps to scan someone’s QR code
    1. both parties need to be in the LinkedIn mobile app
    2. Go to “My Network” tab at bottom of LinkedIn’s mobile app screen
    3. Click the Person+ key 
    4. One of you needs to click Scan QR Code, and the other needs to click “My Code” to bring up the code for scanning
  2. Find connections nearby – this is best done when there are multiple people in proximity to one another (say, a breakout room or small general session), and they are all participating in the “Find Nearby” exercise on LinkedIn
    1. both parties need to be in the LinkedIn mobile app
    2. Go to “My Network” tab at bottom of LinkedIn’s mobile app screen
    3. Click the Person+ key 
    4. Click “Find Nearby” – everyone who turns on this feature will appear here and you can connect with multiple people in a blink of an eye!
    5. Please note – this type of connection does not allow you to send a personalized invitation.  In order to do that, see below

While these 2 hacks make connecting in a large room easy and efficient, it does not allow for you to send a personalized invitation (which is recommended, see my post on personalized invites here)

In order to send a personalized invitation on LinkedIn, you must follow these steps:

  1. Find your intended connection on LinkedIn mobile using the search bar at top, find their profile
  2. Do NOT hit “Connect”.  This will send them the templated connection message.  In order to send a personalize invite….
  3. Hit the “More…” button
  4. Choose “Personalize Invite”
  5. Craft your personal message and send!

Leanne’s Bonus LinkedIn Mobile Tip – ensure your profile is mobile-friendly BEFORE you hit the show floor – ensure you have optimized your profile using these tips here.

How Do You Educate Your Delegates on Using LinkedIn Mobile To Connect:

I’ve created some non-branded powerpoint slides that you can use to insert into your general session screens, breakout room screens, networking lounge posters etc.  Simply go here to download your slides and brand them with your organization or conference branding and help YOUR delegates connect on LinkedIn mobile at YOUR next event!









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