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Implementing Twitter At Conferences

Implementing Twitter At Conferences

Social media has changed the conference landscape in how we market our events, and how we listen to delegates during the event itself.  Delegates and planners can now promote your event, share updates and give those who are not attending a real-time glimpse into your meeting.  Twitter at conferences is still widely used to help both meeting planners and delegates to share information.  Twitter at conferences, in comparison to the other social media platforms, is the best tool for quick, real-time updates and notices.  Because of the limit of characters, information is easy to peruse and digest during the busy conference day.

Here are some tips for #eventprofs who are looking to use Twitter at their next conference:

  1. Hashtag Creation – Months prior to your event, create a hashtag for your event.
    1. Keep it short and memorable. Often only 4-9 characters are needed for a solid, memorable, unused hashtag #wec19 #pcmacic19 #gowest20
    2. Test drive your hashtag – do a search for your proposed hashtag, to see if its already being used.  With the amount of acronyms (and conferences!) in the twittersphere, there’s a chance another association has your tag.  Test on either Twitter itself, or on your social media management tool like Hootsuite.
    3. Hashtags can transcend platforms, so ensure your tag is also good on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn
  2. Hashtag Marketing – Advertise the hashtag with all conference correspondence. Website, registration forms, emails, mobile app, and other social media platforms. Include twitter handles for various audiences:
    • speakers
    • sponsors
    • exhibitors
    • delegates
    • planning team
  1. Twitter Guru – Assign someone to monitor you tweets (and other social media if applicable) – the hashtag to deliver information will only work if the information is being shared and responded to.  This is especially true onsite when the buffet line runs out of sandwiches – you need that information in real time.
  2. Twitter/Social Media team (aka “influencers) – Identify those who are proficient at twitter and engage them to tweet about your event. Perhaps a small incentive will help with this initiative.
  3. Internet bandwidth – ensure your facility has enough bandwidth to accommodate multiple smartphone users. No sense creating twitter buzz if no one can get enough bandwidth to tweet anything.
  4. Namebadges – print your delegate’s twitter handle on his/her namebadge, along with the conference hashtag
  5. Twitter education session – whether done through a pre-conference YouTube webinar, or a beginning session onsite at the conference, host a session where you can go over twitter basics and get everyone set up.

Using Twitter at conferences to its fullest capacity could help turn you and your event into a resounding success; best of luck at your upcoming events and Happy Tweeting!

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