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Help them stay at your host hotel!
Help them stay at your host hotel!
reasons to stay at the host hotel
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Why won't they stay at our host hotel?

Perhaps its because we haven’t given them some good reasons WHY.  That’s why we created this copy for you – to use on your conference website to show your delegates the immense value of staying on property.   Use this copy to help your delegates:

Create value-based connections

Enrich relationships with industry peers

Spark creativity and find new ideas

About Stephen and Leanne

Hey friends, as a former meeting planner and a former hotelier, Stephen and Leanne started working in hotel site selection to work with fantastic meeting partners like you every single day!  With over 40 years combined experience in the industry (yikes, that’s a lot!) Stephen and Leanne work to help clients save time and money in the site selection process, freeing them up to be more strategic in their work.

They love what they do, they love our industry and they love working with their meeting planner clients.  That’s where they derive their energy and passion for this blog; enjoy!! 😊

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