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When Travel Plans Change – When Life Gives You Snow, Make Snow Angels

When Travel Plans Change – When Life Gives You Snow, Make Snow Angels

I recently found myself stuck in one of Eastern Canada’s most beautiful cities for 2 extra days while riding out one of their worst winter storms of the season.  While it may have been tempting to lament my extra-long stay and change in travel plans (and away from my home and busy family), it didn’t take me long to realize the incredible opportunity that I now had.

I had 2 extra days away from home (and my home office)!  Away from responsibilities, away from time-sucking chores and carting kids around town for hours on end!  I was not going to take this unexpected gift for granted!

#Eventprofs and #MeetingPartners, you’ve been there, perhaps more than once.  It can suck if you let it suck, but it can also be a great blessing if you look for ways to make the most of it!

Here’s how to make the most out of life when your travel plans change.

  1. Rest – us #eventprofs are always on the go, and this may be the day you need to just….rest….   I found myself fighting a cold during this recent trip, so rather than “power through the entire day”, I took a nap and enjoyed the king-sized bed to myself 🙂  A rare thing if I’m at home #HusbandSnores #DogIsABedHog
  2. Business Plan – you knew this was coming.  As a business plan geek, this extra time is PERFECT for reviewing your weekly and quarterly plans! In fact, if your delay is over a day, turn it into a impromptu business plan retreat!
  3. Social media planning – social media posts always seem to take a backseat to our reactive work; some extra hours may be all you need to plan out a few weeks of social media.  Use HootSuite to schedule your posts, its a lifesaver and a timesaver
  4. Read industry periodicals – you know all those meeting planning magazines that arrive at your office or home, and they end up in a pile?  Pack a few of those on your next work trip.  If you travel even once a month, you can catch up on all your titles while waiting for the seatbelt light to be turned off after you ascend!
  5. Create a value-add for your clients – depending on where you are stranded, is there a piece of content you can create for your clients and add to your value as their partner?
    1. Stuck in a city where your clients may host programs or offsites?  Go check out the venues and let them know of ideas that are a good fit for their programs
    2. Just attended a conference?  Any nuggets of wisdom that clients would enjoy hearing about?
  6. Hit your #bucketlist – are you an avid hiker?  Hit up the local trails!  Like museums?  Your destination surely has a few of those!  Are you a foodie?  Hit up some of the destination’s best restaurants!

So the next time life throws you a snowstorm, make a snow angel and enjoy the unexpected blessing of an extra few days away from the home and office!  Happy travels!

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